Chris brown is dating a bad girl is sophia bush dating anyone

There was a lot of people back there and I was nervous, my palms were sweaty. However, a clearly undeterred Brown struggled to feign concern as he hit back with a smirk: "You know what playboy, my bad."Martinez went on to argue that, at 48, Lopez was 20 years older than Brown. Adopting a baritone voice, he replied: "She can get it anytime. He claims that had his business hat on but things soon changed as soon as he saw her. Sorry, I apologise already cos you beautiful."Brown's efforts to woo Lopez may be unfruitful but a string of high-profile men including P Diddy, Ben Affleck and Marc Anthony were all successful.

70 years old I don't even care."Watch Chris Brwon talk about his celebrity crush: Detailing their first encounter, the father of one revealed he was riddled with nerves because "honestly, she's just so bad."The pair teamed up in 2013 to make sweet music and he eventually wrote some tracks for her 2014 album A. "You just look at her and be like [sinks into chair]. Before going public in February with her romance with Rodriguez, rumours were circulating that Lopez and Drake were an item.

A judge granted the restraining order and Guzman most not come within 50 yards of Sozahdah.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday Sozahdah gave her side of the story insisting that she's the victim.

They did little to quash the speculation by sharing snaps of their time together, often with gushing captions.

They were also caught on camera getting steamy on the dance floor at a private winter-wonderland themed prom in LA.

The 28-year-old singer brought his posse along to help him present a generous ,000 check to the school.

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According to Sozahdah, Guzman has been begging her for a face-to-face meeting because she's a key witness in her custody battle with Brown over their three-year-old daughter.

Fans may recall that Brown's love rival also dated his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, following their public split in 2009.

The pair were romantically linked again in 20 after they enjoyed a string of romantic dates.

She wrote: 'you’re spooked you will be further exposed in your child support/custody hearing so you want to assassinate my character and use scare tactics threatening me and my family so I don’t testify.'This comes one day after TMZ reported that Guzman took out a restraining order against Sozahdah on Monday after allegedly receiving death threats from her as well as hints that she wants to kidnap Royalty.

Guzman filed a police report and TMZ saw the paperwork for the orders.

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