Greg rikaart dating

They were soon joined by their mother, Gloria, after Kevin ran away back home to Detroit fearing he would be sent to jail.Gloria decided to return with Kevin and Michael after Michael made a deal with the Genoa City police.Kevin was furious upon discovering that Michael was dating Lauren behind his back.This prompted him to challenge Michael to a boxing match where they competed for Lauren's love.

He and Gloria then moved in with Michael and drove him crazy at every turn.Later, Kevin befriended Daniel Romalotti who had just returned to Genoa City from boarding school.To help boost Kevin's reputation, Daniel hired a guy named Alex to attack Lily so Kevin could rescue her and regain his good reputation.Kevin ended up saving her anyway and Alex disappeared. Alex then returned and threatened Daniel and Kevin.They then told Michael and Daniel's mother, Phyllis Summers, what they had done. Mac was a very good friend to Kevin and persuaded him to seek counseling and to become a better person.

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