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Many orcs grew intrigued and looked upon Blackhand with awe.

The next year, Gul'dan called for a gathering of the chieftains and their shaman at Oshu'gun.

The forces of the Blackrock clan were fanatically loyal to Doomhammer and would serve him with their lives.

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Of all the clans, his Blackrocks had been the most successful against the draenei, and if they led the Horde, they could impose their strict military discipline on the other orcs and use their elemental forges to create armaments and massive war machines to destroy the draenei's defenses.

Gul'dan told the gathered shaman that the elements had abandoned them, but that benevolent beings had taught the Blackrocks how to wield a glorious new power known as fel magic.

The Blackrock warlocks demonstrated their strength by siphoning the life from draenei captives and burning them from the inside out, and powerless shaman from all clans pleaded with the Blackrocks to teach them their fel secrets.

By the time of 11 years before the First War, the orcs had crushed their brutish enemies and driven most of them from Gorgrond.

Years later, the Orcish Horde made war upon the draenei.

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