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Habitually using porn as the only source of sexual pleasure can desensitize the brain's reward center.

In a 2014 study, published in , German researchers conducted brain scans on porn watchers.

Hence, free online porn provides the ideal outlet for vicarious opportunities for men via visual stimuli.

If pornography is used long enough, it may become the only way a person can get aroused, and an orgasm becomes nothing more than a biological urge to fulfill.For about five to eight percent of the adult population, porn use can evolve into an addictive behavior.Several studies have shown porn consumption can rewire the brain, alter its structure and functioning, and increase the likelihood addictive behavior will emerge.S., and now there are more than 2.5 million porn sites blocked by CYBERsitter, the original internet filter. A 2014 study in found 66 percent of all men and 41 percent of all women watch porn at least once a month. Several researchers have posited a theory: men are evolutionarily hardwired to watch porn.Men's brains are programmed for easy arousal, meaning whenever they see the opportunity for sex, they're ready.

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