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Mini PCs only support USB-based or Bluetooth-based keyboards and mice.If you are buying new, I would suggest buying a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse since that frees up a USB port on your unit.The modern computer processor has always been a complex piece of technology, and that shows no signs of changing. Besides, in case you do want to upgrade, it would make sense to just buy the next version of the barebones kit, transfer the parts you can, and sell your old mini PC online. Also, before you buy RAM for your mini PC, check how many DIMM slots it has.Such complexity brings a challenge to companies such as Intel. Most mini PCs come with two slots, but there are some which support only a single slot (read terms you need to know when buying RAM).In fact, if you plan to use a mini PC as an HTPC for your TV, several experts recommend going with AMD over Intel.While AMD’s processors might be better than Intel’s when it comes to gaming, the world of mini PCs is still not great for a gamer.In fact, make sure you know how much RAM you really need Mini PCs typically support one of two sizes for hard drives: M.2 and 2.5-inch.The M.2 is only flash storage, while the 2.5-inch format allows for flexibility between an SSD and traditional HDD.

A barebones kit includes the case, the motherboard and the processor.

You will need to buy and install the hard drive and RAM separately.

Typically, these are far cheaper than Ready To Go units.

Both types of units come with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, and other such parts pre-installed.

When you buy a mini PC, you only get the mini PC, nothing else.

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