Virtual sex chat rooms through skype

We have mixed feelings when it comes to these sites.

On one hand it’s a great way to meet like minded people from all over the world, but on the other hand, it’s a great way to meet dirty minded people from all over the world…We believe that the anonymity provides great opportunities for closet nudists to talk about their lifestyle.

With passive online nudism we mean using the internet as a reference.

The websites of these federations are often a great resource for local info about the official nudist organisations and activities.

We have been talking to several people from countries where social nudity is forbidden and the only option they have is to be nude at home and the only way to talk about it is online.

But that anonymity has its downside, there are many predators online who are putting up a fake identity so they can get in touch with people they’d otherwise not dare to approach or to ask things they would never dare to ask in real life.

Twitter was the last one that allowed nudity but it’s now also changing.

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We think for example of hashtag nudism on twitter, the /r/nudism board on reddit or the many nudist groups on Facebook (including our own of course).Bare Thoughts: This one is probably the exact opposite than Clothes Free Life. Harmen and Santana tell you everything about their naked life, if you’ve read two or three of their posts it feels like you’ve known them forever.Tha Naked I: You might remember him from one of our Naturist Talks. Socks Off: Another very personal blog where you follow the adventures of Emma James.There is a huge amount of nudist related images on the internet and we can always find some that fit with our subject.If we would have to take all the photos ourselves, we would never be able to create one post per week.“So, you’re a nudist, show me your naked body then”.

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